Be entrusted with a one-stop operation system mainly multi-step precision machining technology.

We have extensive experience and know-how in meeting the various requirements of World’s leading manufacturing companies. We also deliver with speed, high-precision and a wealth of experience in satisfying our customer’s requirements by utilizing various machine tools like the 5-axis control machining center, CNC lathe, grinding machine, and wire-electrical discharge machine.

Our specialty in processing technologies

Complex and high-precision shape
Our strengths are having know-how in using CAD/CAM, and also 5-axis processing technologies, such as impeller and propeller.

Thin shape
We have our own know-how on how to prevent the deformation of thin shape machining caused by material residual stress and process heating.

Responce to one-stop operation for post-porcess
We can support batch process on heat treatment and surface treatment to our costumer`s required specifications.

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Materials of our specialty

Metal and high-performance resin
Various steel / Stainless / Aluminum / Titan / Inconel / Super invar / Copper / Bakelite / Acrylic / Fluorine resin / POM / PEEK etc.

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Worksize of our specialty


Typically, up to 800 × 1250 from a palm-sized depending on the shape.


Typically up to Φ400×900 from a palm-sized depending on the shape.

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Quality assurance

We conducted inspection of each process, and also a final inspection in the thermostatic controlled inspecting room, such as CNC 3D measuring machine. It is also possible to measure shape, surface roughness, and hardness. We will certify the accuracy according to the specifications of the customers.

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